Tuesday, December 12, 2017 
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Welcome to Ask Dr. Walby where we provide you with answers about The Fair Tax.  If you can't find the answers here then feel free to submit a question.  It will be reviewed by Dr. Walby and, if found appropriate, an answer posted in the near future.

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Questions Asked & Answered


To what extent will the FairTax reduce small business costs? 

For example, two businessmen, very atuned to the current system of deducting expenses, asked for the mechanism whereby their expenses will avoid the FairTax.  I told them that they would have to save their receipts and apply for tax credits. 

"How is that different from the current system?  Where is the reduction in bureacracy, time and effort?" they asked.  They earn income reported on 1099 Misc.  What is the direct benefit of the FairTax to the 1099 Misc filers?

How will the FairTax reduce compliance costs for small businesses?  For example, a self-employed person now deducts the costs of gasoline from her income tax.  With the FairTax, the 23% gasoline tax will be on her receipts and she will then apply for credits.  In this case, is the time and paperwork costs to her less than the currrent system?  If so, how?

 Answered on:7/29/2009

 What is the difference between how the FairTax treats ower-occupied housing vs. renter-occupied housing? Answered on:7/30/2009


Would rents be subject to the FairTax?  (Single-family, residential rents, in our situation.)  Tom has read both books and he did not see his question addressed in them.  We own rental properties.
If Rents are subject to the FairTax then everyone who rents a home must obtain a state Tax Certificate. 

 If a private owner rents a commercial business how does the FairTax apply?

Connie O'Hanlon

 Answered on:9/16/2009

Do you have a valid source for the claimed $11T of American wealth in offshore banking centers?  I thought I heard this number reported by Congress a couple years ago but have not been able to locate a document to validate it.  The best I've found is 5-7 Trillion.
What is the number and were can we source it?
 Answered on:11/3/2009



For years when I do presentations I mention several universities who were involved in the research that resulted in the FairTax.  The list I have been using is "MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Boston & Rice Universities and the National Bureau of Economic Research".

This evening I've been looking for the source of that information.  The list of universities and the private research firm(s) but cannot come up with it.  Can you direct me to the source of the research economists that put together the FairTax?

Thanks.  Larry

 Answered on:11/6/2009


Along with the Fair Tax of 23% would Florida state sales tax continue or be eliminated?

 Answered on:9/18/2014

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